Best Yet Come

The best is yet to come (بہترینابھیآناباقیہے)

In her latest book, You Can Stand the Storm: How the Bible Makes You Rock Solid, author Diane M. Kannady offers a simple, yet life-changing, solution to overcoming hardships: Become a regular, systematic reader of the Bible. Perhaps you’re thinking, “That’s nothing new. I already read the Bible.” However, if personal or group Bible studies and daily devotionals are what you have in mind, think again.

In her straightforward, easy-to-understand style, Diane challenges you to redefine what reading the Bible actually means. She explains the approach that has served her for over forty years and helped her learn much of what she teaches today. She also provides practical tips on ways you can integrate Bible reading into your daily schedule, no matter how busy it gets.

Plus, you’ll learn:
– The purpose of the Bible
– The importance of a proper, biblical perspective
– What it means to have fully persuaded faith
– How a steady focus on Jesus helps combat deception
– The negative impact of distractions
– The source of true joy and peace

No doubt, you will face problems in this life—some big, some small. But by reading the Bible regularly and systematically, you can prevail over whatever comes your way. So start reading today. You’ll be glad you did. Before long, you’ll recognize that with God’s Word, you can stand the storm!