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This book has caused me to grow in my Christian walk by broadening my understanding of heaven, correcting my wrong notions and it’s given me a whole new level of excitement about Jesus! I can’t say that I don’t fear death at all, but I can honestly say, that after reading The Best is Yet to Come, I’m better equipped to face it. I’ve always been drawn to the perfection of heaven, the absence of evil, pain and hatred. I’ve always known this much about it, but little more. This is one of the great facts about Christianity on which I’ve always stood, one of my greatest inspirations. After reading this book and learning much more about heaven, my foundation is stronger than ever, thank you Jesus for the truth! Good, accurate Christian teaching is so hard to come by. So if you’re hungering for the Truth and biblicallly accurate teaching about heaven, then The Best is Yet to Come, is the perfect starting place.

Jeffrey Vernon Nixon, FINALLY! Good, accurate teaching about heaven!

I love this book. Having lost my husband of 50+ years recently, this book gave me a lighter brighter hope! The author’s use of scriptures familiar to me but set in the context of eternity was eye opening and exciting!

Amazon Customer, Scripture based and an easy read!

This book is EXCELLENT!! It’s not easy to find a book that will keep your interest in such a way that you are willing to read it from cover to cover. This is one of those books! It is hard to put down while you are reading it!
You will quickly find out that it is NOT just another book on heaven based on someone’s opinion because they had a some dream or a near death experience.
The Best is Yet to Come: What the Bible Says About Heaven is a book that can be used as a teaching tool, for personal study time or even to help others who have questions about heaven.
Having done years of Bible teaching required me to do extensive studying through hundreds of books and articles and most importantly to have a deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible, so accurate Biblical representation is an absolute requirement when teaching Biblical studies. This book gives you that.
This book is a must read for anyone wanting to know more about heaven from Biblically based facts instead of someone’s opinion. You will become excited about heaven and come to find out that…The Best is Yet to Come! I have and still use Diane’s books as an excellent reference source for teaching the Bible.
Diane Kannady’s books are an excellent companion to have with you while studying the Bible. She has a unique style of writing and teaching that will greatly expand your understanding of God’s Word and help you answer many questions you have about heaven and God, but were afraid to ask.
I highly recommend reading her other two books called, “God is Good and Good Means Good” and “Why Did This Happen? What is God Doing?”
You will be so happy you did! And they make great gifts to others!

Bob M., This book is EXCELLENT!!