About This Ministry

Above, you will find some additional pages. Each page is designed to give you a fuller view of this ministry.

We are a teaching ministry, led by Diane Kannady.

Our vision is to publish the gift God has given to us, with every technology available.
We do this with books (in several languages) that can be purchased or downloaded for free, study guides in many languages, some professionally translated. We have videos in multiple languages, and a podcast. There are currently nine sister meetings in Peru, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Malawi. Each of these locations show our videos in their native language and receive support from us. We are currently  published on YouTube, Facebook, and all major podcast outlets, and we have a Riches In Christ APP available in the app store and goggle play.

We can only continue by those who support this ministry in prayer and their generous donations. 

We meet weekly on Fridays with a group very diverse in backgrounds and denominations.
We invest in those who seek understanding of God’s word.
This ministry is producing books, a Youtube channel, Facebook pages, Podcast and other forms of media to further God’s WORD. We provide equipment to have the Gospel taught to the poorest nations of the world. We play our teachings in the native languages with projectors, laptops, and thumb drives. Our minister’s In rural  hard to reach places distribute new thumb drives with multiple  video teachings. We provide the transportation needed to bring this ministry to them. We have some meetings with generators and some that have electricity. We pray for access to solar units in these areas. Riches In Christ also supplies Bibles in native languages as we are able.

Riches In Christ