The Best Is Yet To Come

Christians believe that Heaven is a real place, but details about our future home are often unclear and unexciting. Let’s be real. Who wants to spend eternity playing harps?
Where’s the thrill in a never-ending church service? And to think that we’ll no longer recognize our loved ones is quite sad.

Fortunately, the Bible reveals that all these ideas about Heaven are false. The truth is, we will know our family and friends in the life to come. We’ll work without toil and have time to pursue our passions. We’ll even enjoy simple pleasures like meals, fashion, music, and sporting events.

In The Best is Yet to Come, author Diane M. Kannady takes you on a step-by-step journey of what awaits those who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

Topics include:

– What happens when we die?
– What is life like in Heaven?
– Does marriage exist?
– How do people act in Heaven?
– Do pets go to Heaven?
– Is the earth in our future?

Of course, there’s no way to answer every question about what’s ahead. But the Bible makes it clear that Heaven is great gain compared to our current lives on earth—great gain and not loss. So, no matter what this life holds, you can rejoice in knowing that the best is yet to come!