God is Good

4.02 + S&H


God is good and good means good

If we’re honest, most of us have had this question cross our minds, especially when unexpected hardships invade our lives. We’ve heard that God will sometimes orchestrate bad circumstances as a way to draw us closer to Him. Yet, deep down, we know it’s impossible to trust people who would purposefully hurt us, even if they claim it’s for our good in the long run. This picture of God has led many of us to harbor doubt, fear, and anger toward the One we’re told to turn to for help.

In GOD IS GOOD, author Diane Kannady uncovers the Bible’s definition of God’s goodness and shatters the widely accepted belief that God authorizes evil for His higher purposes. Using a series of commonly asked “Yes , but what about…?” questions, Diane well take you on a journey to explore:

* God’s sovereignty
* God’s actions in the Old Testament
* Job’s trials
* Paul’s thorn
* Christian suffering
* God’s discipline and chastening
Life can be hard. But you can have confidence that you’ll stand strong in the midst of your toughest trials when you know GOD IS GOOD…and Good Means Good.