Life From God

A.     Introduction:  It is vital that you and I learn what happened to us when we were born again, and then learn to live in the light of it.
     1.     When you became a Christian, made Jesus the Lord of your life, you were born again.
               a.     At the moment of the new birth, something came into you that was not there                before -- the life of God.
               b.     That life was given to you to accomplish God's plan in and for your life -- to make you His son or daughter and then conform you to the image of Jesus Christ.
                    Eph 1:4,5; Rom 8:29
     2.     In this lesson, we want to continue to talk about what happened to us at the new birth           and how to live in the light of it.

B.     When you made Jesus Lord of your life and were born again, you were united to Jesus Christ.
     1.     When we say YOU, we mean your spirit.  Man is more than just a physical being.  There is an unseen part to each of us.  There is an inner man and an outer man.
               II Cor 5:6-9; 4:16
               a.     The Bible tells us about unseen things, including ourselves. II Cor 4:18
               b.     From the Bible we learn that man is a spirit who lives in a body and possesses a soul (mind, emotions, and will). I Thess 5:23
     2.     According to the Bible, before you were born again, you were physically alive but                spiritually dead (lacking the life of God in your spirit). Eph 2:1-3; 4:17,18
               a.     You had created life which you received from your parents, but it is corrupt                because of Adam and Eve's disobedience in the garden. Rom 5:12-19
               b.     In your spirit, there was darkness, sin, the very nature of satan. Eph 5:8; 2:2,3;
                    II Cor 6:14-16
               c.     You were dead spiritually.  It was real even though you couldn't see it and didn't                know it.  It was so.
               d.     It was so much so that you had no access to God, and if you had died physically, you (the inner man) would have gone to hell.
               e.     Man's greatest need is life from God in his spirit.  Jesus came to bring us life from God. John 10:10; I John 4:9

C.     God gives us life in our spirits when we are born again by uniting us to Jesus, by putting us into Christ.
     1.     John 3:16--The phrase believe in Him, in the Greek, is literally believe INTO Him.
               a.     The Bible uses several word pictures to describe our relationship to the Lord, all of which depict union and shared life.
               b.     Branch and Vine (John 15:5); Head and Body (Eph 1:22,23); Husband and Wife (Eph 5:28-32)
     2.     How is it possible for all of us to be united to Jesus through shared life, and He still be seated at the right hand of the Father?
               a.     We are talking about God, a Being outside of the limits of time and space.
               b.     It is beyond our comprehension at this point.  However, that doesn't mean we                can't believe it and benefit from it.
               c.     Just because we can't see it and understand it doesn't mean it's not real.
               d.     We have to look to the Bible to get this unseen information.
     3.     Even though we can't see it yet, this union is real.  The Father and the Son planned it in eternity past and have successfully carried it out through the Holy Spirit at the new birth. Look at just a few statements about our union with Christ.
               a.     John 14:20--At that time you will recognize that I am in union with the Father, and you with me, and I with you. (20th Cent)
               b.     John 15:5--I am the vine, you are the branches.  Those that remain united to me while I remain united to them are those who bear fruit plentifully. (20th Cent)
               c.     John 17:20,21--But it is not only for them that I am interceding, but also for those                who become believers in me through their teaching, that they all may be one -- that just as thou Father, art in union with me and I with thee, so they also may be in union with us. (20th Cent)
               d.     I Cor 6:17--Or do you not know that a man who unites himself with a prostitute is                one with her in body (for `the two', God says, `will become one'); while a man who  is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit
               e.     Col 1:27--For this revelation means nothing less than -- `Christ in union with you,                your Hope of glory'!
               f.     I John 5:20--We know, too, that the Son of God has come among us, and has                given us discernment to recognize the True God; and we are in union with the true God by our union with His Son, Jesus Christ.

D.     Consider some facts about the life you received when you were born again.
     1.     The eternal life you received is not “live forever” life.  It is not “life without end” life.
               a.     All human beings (saved and unsaved) are going to live forever, either in heaven                or hell, depending on what they do with Jesus.
               b.     The eternal lie which you received at the new birth is the uncreated life in God.
     2.     Eternal life is a Person -- eternal life is God.  Jesus is eternal life.
               a.     We are united to, with, eternal life, Jesus, at the new birth.
               b.     The Greek word for life used when the NT describes the life that came into us at                the new birth is ZOE.  ZOE is used in each of these verses.
               c.     John 1:4; 5:26; 14:6; 17:3; II Tim 1:1; I John 1:1,2; 5:11,12; 20
     3.     Whatever is in that life is in you now, because that life is in you through your union with           Jesus Christ.
               a.     John 15:4,5--Jesus said that those in union with Him would bear much fruit.  Fruit                is outward evidence of the life within.
               b.     Gal 5:22 lists the fruit of the recreated (born again) human spirit:  love, joy,                peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. (NAS)
               c.     All of these traits are in Christ, were exhibited by Jesus, and they are in you now,                in your spirit, because His life is in you through your union with Him.
     4.     That life, through your union with Christ is now:
               a.     The basis of your standing with and relationship to the Father.
               b.     Your nature, your makeup, and your ability.
     5.     Look at what the Bible says about us, about you, now that we are born of God.
               a.     Rom 8:1--There is, therefore, now no condemnation (judging guilty of wrong) for                those who are in union with Christ Jesus. (20th Cent)
               b.     I Cor 1:30,31--But you, by your union with Christ Jesus, are God's offspring; and                Christ, by God's will, became not only our Wisdom, but also our Righteousness,                our Holiness, our Deliverance, so that -- in the words of Scripture -- `Let those who boast, boast about the Lord!' (20th Cent)
               c.     II Cor 5:17--So if any one is in union with Christ, he is a new being!  His old life                has passed away, and a new life has begun. (20th Cent)
               d.     II Cor 5:21--God made Him who knew nothing of sin to be Sin on our behalf, so                that we, through union with him may become the Righteousness of God.
                    (20th Cent)
               e.     Eph 2:10--The truth is that we are the handiwork of God.  By our union with Christ                Jesus we were created for the purpose of doing the good actions which God had in readiness, so that we should devote our lives to them. (20th Cent)
               f.     Eph 3:12--And in union with Christ, and through our trust in him, we find courage                to approach God with confidence. (20th Cent)
               g.     Eph 4:23,24--And that you must undergo a mental and spiritual transformation,                and once for all clothe yourselves with a new nature -- one made to resemble God in the righteousness and holiness demanded by the Truth. (20th Cent)
               h.     Phil 4:19--And my God -- so great is His wealth -- will, in glory, fully satisfy your                every need, through your union with Christ Jesus. (20th Cent)
               i.     Col 2:9,10--For the Godhead in all its fullness dwells in Christ in a bodily form;                and, by your union with him, you are also filled with it. (20th Cent)
     6.     Do you see why the Bible says new creatures are more than conquerors who can reign           in life through Jesus Christ? Rom 8:37; 5:17
               a.     Do you see why Paul (inspired by the Holy Spirit) rebuked Christians in the city of                Corinth for acting like mere men? I Cor 3:3
               b.     These are not religious words or words for a Sunday School lesson.  This is what                you really are -- whether you believe it or not.
               c.     This is how God sees you and deals with you -- whether you believe it or not.
               d.     This is how you can live if you will begin to take God at His word and begin to act                like what He says is so.
E.     It is vital that we learn from the Bible what happened to us at the new birth -- what God made us to be by putting His life in us -- and then, begin to walk or live in the light of it.
     1.     Gal 5:16--To walk in the spirit means to walk in the light of what the new birth has done           to you, the spirit man.
               a.     To walk in the light of what you are means to talk and act like what you are -- a                new creature with the life and nature of God in you.
               b.     Don't pray for strength, joy, patience, love, etc. -- you already have those things                in you because you are born of God.  Confess what you are!  Confess what you  have!  Then, begin to act like what you are!!
               c.     Through the new birth, God has already made us what we are trying to be -- holy,                powerful, patient, loving, etc.     
               d.     Through the new birth, God has already given us what we are trying to get --                authority, power, peace, victory, healing, joy, etc.
     2.     You are in union with the life and ability of God.  Talk like it!!  Act like it!!

F.     Conclusion:  I John 5:13--John, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, said that one reason he wrote his first epistle was so that people who already had eternal life would know they had it.
     1.     Why would he need to tell people who already had ZOE that they had it?
               a.     Because it is unseen and the information the senses give us often contradicts it.
               b.     Because just having eternal life will not automatically benefit you in this life.  (It                will in the life to come.)  You not only have to have eternal life, you must know that you have it and walk (live) in the light of it.
               c.     Because what we are and have as a result of the new birth must come to                     dominate us, dominate our thinking, so that we begin to live like what we are and then experience the benefits of what we are.
     2.     If we will take the time to meditate on what the Bible says about the life we received at           the new birth and begin to act like it is there, that new nature will come to dominate us and we will live and walk even as Jesus walked. I John 2:6
     3.     Col 3:10--And have clothed yourselves with the new [spiritual self], which is (ever in the           process of being) renewed and remolded into (fuller and more perfect knowledge upon)           knowledge, after the image (the likeness) of Him who created it. (Amp)

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