He That Beleiveth Hath

A.     Introduction:  It is Godís will that we reign in this life. Rom 5:17
     1.     Reigning in life does not mean problem free living.  It means:
               a.     In the midst of trouble, we have victory -- peace, joy, wisdom, provision, etc.
               b.     In the midst of trouble, we experience all that the Cross of Christ has provided --                health, freedom from sin and condemnation, freedom from lack, etc.
               c.     We have ability to accurately represent Jesus in this life, both His character and                His power.
     2.     Reigning in life doesnít happen automatically.  We have to learn to do it.  We are taking           some time to learn how to reign in life. Phil 4:ll  

B.     The reason we can reign in this life is because we are sons and daughters of God.
     1.     Godís plan for our lives is that we become holy, blameless sons and daughters of God           who are conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Eph 1:4,5; Rom 8:29
               a.     We become Godís sons and daughters by our second birth.  At the new birth,                God puts His life and nature into us and we become literal, actual, sons and daughters of God. I John 5:11,12; II Pet 1:4
               b.     God puts His life in us, in our spirit, in the unseen part of us, and, in our spirit, we                become a new creature -- old things pass away, all things become new, and all things are of God. II Cor 5:17,18
     2.     You will never be any more Godís son than you are now, any more acceptable, any          
 more righteous, any dearer to Him than you are now.
               a.     That doesnít mean your behavior, thoughts, and emotions wonít change any more than they have.  They certainly will.
               b.     You are a spirit with the life and nature of God in you, and you are in the process                of being fully conformed to the image of Christ (soul and body).
               c.     But, you are not Godís son or daughter because of your successes or failures in                this process.  You are His son or daughter because you are born again, because                
you have His life in you, because you are a new creature.
     3.     When God tells us about what we are as His sons and daughters, what we have                because we are united to Christ, He is not talking about something that will be true at           
some point in the future, He is talking about present tense, unseen realities.
               a.     Not seen doesnít mean not real.  It means invisible, spiritual. II Cor 4:18
               b.     Unseen means you cannot perceive it with your physical senses, so God must tell you about it in the Bible.
               c.     We cannot see the real you, so we cannot see the changes which took place in                you when you were born again.
               d.     Just because we canít see the changes doesnít mean they arenít real -- they are.
               e.     He that believeth hath eternal life, ZOE, the life and nature of God in him.
                    John 3:36; 6:47
     4.     Whatever is in that life is in us now because that life is in us. I Cor 1:30; John 15:5
               a.     I have these things, not because I believe I have them, but because I am a                believer.  Believeth means a believing one.
               b.     Believers have, not because of something they do, but because of something                they are.  Believers have because they are believers, not because they believe.
               c.     You believed to get that life.  But, now that you have believed, youíve got it                whether you believe it or not.
                    1.     Many Christians, new creatures, believers, believe they are unrighteous.
                    2.     Their unbelief doesnít change a thing.  They are righteous because they                     are believers, not because they believe they are righteous. Rom 5:17;     Rom 10:9,10; 3:26; I Cor 1:30; II Cor 5:21

C.     Many Christians struggle to get from God by faith what they already have because of what they are, things that are theirs because they are sons and daughters born of God, new creatures.
     1.     You must understand that no one was or could be born again before Jesus rose from           the dead. Rom 8:29; Col 1:15,18
               a.     Old Testament saints (Abraham, Moses, David) were spiritually dead and                     possessed the sin nature they inherited from Adam.
                    1.     They had righteousness imputed to them (put to their account) because                     they believed in and trusted God. Rom 4:22
                    2.     When they died, they did not, could not, go to heaven.  They went to                     Abrahamís bosom to wait until Jesus paid the price for their sins.  Then they went to heaven. Luke 16:19-31
               b.     Not one of the people Jesus interacted with during His earth ministry was born                again -- including the disciples, John the Baptist, or Mary, His mother.
               c.     None of them had the life and nature of God in them.  None of them were united                to Jesus as a branch to a vine.
     2.     Anything they got from God, anything God did to them or for them came from outside of           them.  In many cases, they had to possess it by faith.
     3.     When the people in the gospels were healed, something flowed out of Jesus into them           and healed them. Mark 5:30; Luke 6:19
               a.     But, we who are born again are united to Jesus, to the life and power that is in                Him. I Cor 6:17
               b.     We do not have to reach out and receive by faith.  We did that when we believed                on Jesus as Savior and were born again. John 3:16
     4.     The word virtue is DUNAMIS, and it means miraculous power, ability, force.
               a.     Mark 5:30--And Jesus, recognizing in Himself that the power proceeding from him                had gone forth, turned around immediately in the crowd, and said, who touched                my clothes? (Amp)
               b.     Acts 1:8--But you shall receive power -- ability, efficiency and might -- when the                Holy Spirit has come upon you. (Amp)
               c.     Through our union with Christ, through receiving His life and nature, and the Holy                Spirit, we have the power, might, and ability of God in us.     
               d.     II Cor 4:7 (power); II Cor 12:9 (strength); Eph 1:19 (power); Eph 3:16 (might);                Eph 3:20 (power); Col 1:11 (might); Col 1:29 (mightily)
               e.     Anything which is in that life is in us now.  We donít have to believe for it, we                have it.  We donít have to reach out by faith and take it, we have it.
     5.     We have taken some of the things Jesus said to unregenerate men (not born again           people) and have misunderstood those things and their connection with new creatures.
               a.     In the OT, under the Old Covenant, God would decree (say) something to or                about His people.  When they believed what He said, God made it happen.
               b.     Abraham became a father by Godís decree. Gen 17:5
                    1.     Because God is so reliable and His word is so effective, once He declared                     Abraham a father, it was as good as done. Rom 4:17
                    2.     However, Isaac, Abrahamís son, did not exist at that point.  He did not                     come into existence until the moment of his conception.
               c.     God declared that the land of Canaan belonged to the Hebrews, the physical                descendants of Abraham. Gen 15:18-21; Deut 1:8
                    1.     God is so reliable and His word is so effective, that the land could be                     spoken of in the past tense -- I have given it to you -- even though the Hebrews did not physically enter the land for many years.
                    2.     And, the people had to believe Godís word.  Those who believed entered                     the land.  Those who did not believe did not enter in. Num 14:27-30
     6.     However, there are things that are true about us now, not simply because God says it or           decrees it, but because He has done it.
     7.     When we were born again, the life and nature of God came into us.  Whatever is in that           life is in us now.
               a.     Itís not there by decree -- God said it so it is as good as done but not actually                done yet.  It is there in actual fact -- an unseen spiritual reality.
               b.     For example -- I am healed, not because God said it and I believe it, but because                the life of God is in me.  Health is in me.
               c.     The same life that came out of Jesus and went into people during His earth                ministry and healed them is in me now because I am a believer -- whether I believe it or not.
     8.     The epistles are written to born again believers.  Nowhere are believers told to believe           and have faith.  Instead, they are told what they are and what they have because they           
are united to Christ.  And, then, they are told to walk in the light of it.

D.     Where do all the principles of faith we have learned fit into this?  Believe you receive when you pray; Itís mine, I have it now; Be fully persuaded that God will do what He said Heíd do, etc.
     1.     Mark 11:24--Believe you receive when you pray.
               a.     The question is:  When did you receive the life and nature of God?
               b.     You received it at the new birth when you believed on Jesus.
     2.     If we make some distinctions here, it will help us understand the point.
               a.     Are we talking about something you actually have in you because you are born                again and have the life and nature of God in you?
               b.     Or are we talking about something for which you have Godís word so it is as good                as done because He is faithful, but it hasnít actually happened yet?
               c.     Letís list a few examples for the sake of understanding.
                    1.     Things I have whether I believe it or not because I am born again --                          righteousness, peace, joy, healing, sonship, authority, access to God.
                    2.     Things I must believe I receive when I pray because I donít have it yet -- a                     laborer into someoneís life; direction for something; a new job; a spouse.
     3.     In saying the things we are saying, we arenít contradicting major faith teachers, weíre           coming at it from a different angle.
               a.     Every new creature is healed whether they know it or believe it or not.
               b.     However, God wants people healed so much, He has many ways to get people                healed -- even new creatures.
                    1.     Laying on of hands and anointing with oil -- the sick can see and feel, and                     from that point on, they can believe they receive, believe they are healed.
                    2.     Healing anointings (gifts of healings) -- something outside the sick person                     comes into them if they will believe they receive.
     4.     When we are talking about the things that are in us because we are born again, we are           talking about unseen realities.
               a.     These things are in you whether you believe it or not.  But, if you will believe it                (act on it, act as though they are in you) you will experience them.
               b.     Faith principles are involved in that.
                    1.     We must accept what we cannot see based on Godís word.
                    2.     We must take Godís word as our evidence over and above what we see.
                    3.     We must say what God says, not what we see or feel.

E.     Conclusion:  We do exercise faith in/for these things which are in us because we are born again, but it is an unconscious faith.
     1.     Faith is acting on Godís word.  Believing is acting on Godís word as we would the word           
of a banker or a lawyer or a doctor.
               a.     If a bank statement says I have $1000.00 in the bank, I donít try to believe it,                wonder if I have the faith to believe it, I accept it and act on that word = live my life as through it were so because I really do have $1000.00 in the bank.  I just canít see it.
               b.     The issue isnít -- do I have enough faith -- the issues are: Is the man trustworthy,                reliable?  Does he have the power to make good what he said?
               c.     Is God telling the truth when He says I am righteous, I am a new creature, I am                healed, righteous, free from the dominion of satan and sin?
     2.     Because we are born again we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ.           Eph 1:3
               a.     We donít need faith to get any of those blessings.  They are ours because we are                born again.
               b.     He that believeth hath.  He who is a believer, is born of God, is a new creature --                hath.
     3.     Now, it is a question of us taking our place as sons and daughters of God and enjoying           our rights -- walking in the light of what we are and have.
     4.     Now, we simply know what God has made us, has given us through the new birth.  We           thank Him for it, and act on His word as we would the word of a banker or a lawyer.           
John 8:31,32

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